Morning classes 8-8.45am, After school classes typically 3.30-4.30pm*

All of our classes are run by fully BG qualified gymnastics coaches, they are trained in First Aid, hold current DBS, Insurance and Safeguarding Awareness certificates.

Our Club Welfare Officer is Emma Young

All classes are subject to cancellation/change of venue depending on individual school circumstances. Classes maybe cancelled or postponed at short notice due to school commitments, severe weather conditions or staff illness. We will always email, post on the BSGS Facebook page if we ever have to cancel short notice. Please check these before contacting us by email as we cannot reply to everyone in time.

We will always do our best to find cover for staff illness but cancelling classes cannot always be helped. If your child has an illness/injury that means they cannot attend Gym Club for more than 2 weeks, we will freeze their membership for 1 term from date of notification.  Unfortunately we cannot freeze membership if your child cannot attend lesson due to a positive covid test/isolation/having symptoms. Please notify us if your child is unwell as soon as possible. 

New members are entitled to 1 FREE TRIAL class. Invoices will be sent after the first initial trial class reflecting the lessons left in the term and must be paid in full before the next lesson. All courses are NON REFUNDABLE.

We may only refund by way of credit to the following terms invoice for reasons such as staff sickness, lateness in attendance of a coach due to bad traffic only. Please note; In terms of severe weather conditions that are out of our hands where it makes it impossible to travel to the venue or the school closes/cancels our classes due to bad weather/covid you will not be refunded. 

Please make sure your child is not late and attends club from the start, it is VITAL they do not miss the warm up as they will have not stretched correctly and be more prone to injury. We do not allow parents to stay and watch lessons as this can be very distracting for the Coach & Gymnasts. There is also no need to come back after morning sessions to dress your children for school, we will help them off to class on time.Children will be brought to us by their teacher from afternoon lessons and will be marked off as attended on our registers. Please ensure your contact details are up to date by providing a club membership form (found at the bottom of this page) Hand directly to your coach or email to us. 

Should your child injure themselves in club, our Coaches are all First Aid trained and will assess accordingly. If necessary, they will send your child a note to teacher/home in their bag explaining briefly if they do not see you after lesson. In any severe case, you will be notified by the telephone number you provided immediately so please keep contact details up to date. Joining forms will be emailed to you before course start dates. 

Fees must be paid in ADVANCE of each course and if payments are not made by the deadline we will presume you no longer wish to continue, your space will be handed to the waiting list.

Please do not send your children to club if fees are not paid. If fees are unpaid, your child will not be able to join in and some schools have a no debt policy which they may personally contact you for.  Please email us if you have difficulty paying fees on time and we will try our best to accommodate you. We do not want to see any child turned away from clubs. 

Our class fees are set with the individual school and can be subject to change. British Gymnastics Badges and Certificate awards will be available to purchase at a cost of £5.00. Any late payments for these may result in your child not receiving their award on time.

Uniform is not compulsory but looks smart for the Club Championships, we hold sales throughout the year which will be published online. Children must have appropriate attire to come to class, bare feet (unless verucca when a non slip sock can be worn to the affected foot) PE kit, leotard, leggings, shorts, vest tops are fine. No ballet tutu's, baggy tops or hoodies to be worn please. Hair tied back and no jewellery. Please supply a water bottle that is not for lunch, especially in hot weather. 

BSGS Office opening hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm We are closed Saturdays's &Sunday's & Bank Holidays 

We do our best to answer emails & Facebook messages within 48hrs so please bare with us :-)